Richard Rigg

— N



Richard Rigg’s new work: N takes the format of a publication which documents a rock fall on Anglesey, Wales in May 2015. This new work deals with the constructed image.

The images within the publication N contain layer upon layer of fiction.  A rock-fall is staged, using specially designed equipment by Rigg, in a quarry on Anglesey. Every detail of this event is composed and photographed with the post-production stage in mind. The final images show an event in nature, arranged by the artist, for the sole purpose of being represented by digitally constructed images.

This translation of a naturally occurring event, enacts the multiple and overlapping methods of representation used to communicate information through an image. N calls into question the representation of real life events through the process of translation that occurs by mapping objects onto the image-plane.

In optics, the image plane is the plane that contains the object’s projected image, and lies beyond the back focal plane. The plane is not usually an actual geometric object in a 3D scene, but instead is usually a collection of target coordinates or dimensions that are used during the rasterization process so the final output can be displayed as intended.

Richard Rigg’s work is quiet, elusive, often elliptical or else full of open ended questions or inferences, it habits the threshold between the visible and the immaterial and between what we believe we know and the unknowable, often defying arbitrary or infinite interpretations, his sculptures and interventions are almost entirely devoid of authorial feeling or intention, instead they are contemplative pieces which set up encounters with the audience as if with ‘real life’ objects or scenes. (Priest, I. 2014)

Richard Rigg was born in 1980 Penrith, Cumbria. Selected exhibitions include; After Noon Distance , Workplace Gallery, Gateshead,; Chance Finds Us, MIMA, Middlesbrough; The Difference Loom, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town;  Quiet Works, Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia,; Lacuna, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, The Inhabitant of the Watchtower, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, California, Richard Rigg is represented by Workplace Gallery, Gateshead & London, UK.


N can also be purchased from the CIRCA Projects Shop now.