— Cara Tolmie, Henry Coombes, Ian Breakwell & Mike Leggett,
Josephine Flynn, Keith Farquhar, Matthew Crawley, Susie Green, Tim Etchells



EXHIBITION is a group show curated by CIRCA Projects at Workplace Gallery, Gateshead – opening on January 9 2015.

EXHIBITION carries an attitude which is interested in the conventions of the gallery situation, the infrastructures in place in the field of art, attitudes and codes which exist therein. In this sense each artist in EXHIBITION also shows self-awareness in their artwork and uses humour not only to satirise individuals and groups of people they work with, but their own implicit role within this schema as an artist. Within each artist’s self-conscious position there is a further interest in the archetype – using humour but also often looking at pathos and the attempt/expectation of pathos from the artist in their role.

The departure point for EXHIBITION is a new performance for two actors written and directed by Tim Etchells and commissioned by FormContent, London. The work titled ‘It’s moving from I to It – The Play’ is a touring play and performances have taken place at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, Spike Island, Bristol, Tate Modern and David Roberts Art Foundation, London. CIRCA Projects present this performance within a group exhibition… EXHIBITION will respond to Etchells’ ideas reflecting upon the position and nature of a host (an institution) and its relationship with invited guests (which could include artists and the audience amongst others).

In addition to ‘The Play’ by Etchells this group exhibition will include works by: Cara Tolmie, Henry Coombes, Ian Breakwell and Mike Leggett, Josephine Flynn, Keith Farquhar, Matthew Crawley, Susie Green.

EXHIBITION featured a series of accompanying graphics and printed matter – all produced with affordable and hand-finished production methods including risograph printing – designed to extend the physical exhibition site and the concepts explored within the show. This included CATALOGUE, a 64 page exhibition catalogue, a long with an exaggerated invitation card loosely based on art world VIP invitation letters and the excessive preview material of large-scale international galleries and foundations.

CATALOGUE is available to buy here.

For further information about EXHIBITION, visit circaprojects.org