Dan Holdsworth

— Forms and Mirrors


The publications Forms FTP and Mirrors FTP bring together works created between 2013-2014 of the geologically young Crater Glacier, in the United States.

False Topographic Perception is an experience usually associated with attempting to understand topographical imagery of other planets. The terrain is not quite as it first appears. What are perceived to be ridges in one image are read as valleys when this same image is flipped 180⁰, rendering actual geological form impossible for the viewer to determine.

In a time when we are becoming more used to looking at the earth in planetary terms because of increasingly used satellite technologies, the photographs in Forms FTP and Mirrors FTP are occupied with exposing the facets of human perception, at first distancing the viewer whilst also exposing a deeply networked aspect to the human mind in terms of what our eyes do to the things outside of us and how they manifest in our perception.


Each publication is available in a first edition of 100-signed copies.

The Forms FTP features a specially commissioned essay by Emma Lewis, Assistant Curator, International Art at Tate, whilst Mirrors FTP contains a contribution by artist and writer Josh Wilson.

Forms and Mirrors are available directly from Dan Holdsworth Studio, here