Dan Holdsworth

— Blackout 10


Blackout 10 was the first major sculptural project by Dan Holdsworth, commissioned and developed by CIRCA Projects in January 2011.

Blackout 10 presented an unseen image from the monumental photographic series Blackout as a new lightbox installation in a converted railway arch on the south side of High Level Bridge in Gateshead. The object’s placement on the peripheries of the city, at a place of commute and transition created a glancing portal into an otherworldly glacial landscape that was viewable day and night for a two-month period of time.

Occupying a space between documentary and the make-believe, Holdsworth’s photographs combine traditional analogue methods with digital processing to transform the elemental terrain of a giant glacier as it melts away. The result is an other-worldly vision of the future. Reproduced at a grand scale, the blue of sky becomes the deep black of space, while the earth appears in negative, beyond imaginable human time and space. As part of the project Dan Holdsworth discussed the Blackout series and the Blackout 10 commission with writer and art historian Paul Usherwood – the audio recording of this conversation is available via the link here.

The installation was produced in cooperation with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.

In May 2013 the work was presented as part of the touring exhibition Walk On: 40 Years of Art Walking from Richard Long to Janet Cardiff in museums across the UK.