CIRCA Screen

— 2011–2012


CIRCA Screen, which ran between September 2011 – June 2012, was a unique project which brought together in one space some of the best artists working with the moving image today, allowing them to show their work in a different, inspiring context in which a re-focus of the approaches and perceptions of the ‘single screen’ were explored. Presented in parallel with the off-site programme of expanded cinema, live and time-based projects, CIRCA Site, it was the only UK exhibition space specifically dedicated to commissioning and showcasing artists’ films and videos and the moving image in its most contemporary forms. The project presented new work by Mario Pfeifer, Ed Atkins, Anja Kirschner & David Panos, Elizabeth Price, The ARKA Group, and Ben Russel among others, as well as already acclaimed works – not previously exhibited in the UK – by John Smith, Manon de Boer, Martin Arnold, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Doug Fishbone and Eric Bainbridge.

The exhibitions included extended information on all of the works presented at the space, including specially produced publications, interviews and talks with the artists and commissioned essays. The project was precious programme for anyone interested in the intersection – and gaps -between the white cube of the gallery and the cinema auditorium.

CIRCA Screen also became the first host-partner of the Film London Jarman Awards – the most prestigious prixe for artist filmmakers in the UK – in the North of England. CIRCA Projects continued to develop and expand the presence of the Jarman Awards annually in the North East of England until 2016.

CIRCA Screen was made possible with the close support and cooperation of NGCA and Sunderland City Council.