Aurélien Froment

— 9 Intervals


In 2011 Pavilion commissioned French artist Aurélien Froment to make a set of nine short films specifically for the cinema context. The work takes the seated position of the cinema viewer as its starting point, meditating upon the relationship between design and body, viewer and image. It features osteopath David Annett, yoga instructor Nichi Green, Will Holder as a reader, film enthusiast Keith Withall, workers at KM furniture factory and designer Michael Marriot’s selection of chairs. The work stands between genres and is encyclopaedic in content, parodic in tone and minimalist in form.


Aurélien Froment was born in 1976 in Angers, France.

He lives and works in Dublin and Paris. Froment graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1999 and the École Régionale des Beaux Arts, Nantes, in 2000. He worked for ten years as a projectionist while becoming an artist. Aurelien Froment has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2008), the Kunsthalle Basel (2008), the Gwangju Biennale (2010) and the Lyon Biennale (2011).

Aurelien Froment’s process starts from a single object which serves as a model for a specific moment in its existence, reconstructing the history of this object through language. The process of reconstruction is not linear, instead Froment creates a network of associations and juxtapositions which analyze the archaeology of the object, revealing its trajectory in time and space. The language selected by Froment, its structure and sound, create a tension with the image that develops into an interaction of meanings and connections, subjecting the image to a continuous flux of interpretation.

During this project Froment was announced as a shortlisted artist in the Future Generation Art Prize 2012, a major international prize for artists under 35, at The PinchukArtCentre.

Presented at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle as part of CIRCA Projects ‘Presents…’ programme, 9 Intervals was shown each Saturday at the cinema for two months. Each week a new episode appeared between the trailers prior to new release feature films.

On 8 December 2012, All 9 Intervals were shown within the frame of a single screening. By way of an introduction to the work, the event opened with a presentation of Hollis Frampton’s cinematic proposition A Lecture, recorded specifically for the occasion. Conceived by Frampton in 1968, A Lecture is an introduction to the fundamental principles of film presentation, and sits somewhere between a lecture, a moving-image work and a live performance.

The screening event on 8 December formed the launch of a UK-wide tour of the work, funded by Arts Council England’s strategic touring programme. Future venues included The Watershed (Bristol), ICA (London), Queens Film Theatre (Belfast), City Screen (Brighton) and Dundee Contemporary Arts (Dundee).

The presentation of 9 Intervals in Newcastle was part of ‘CIRCA Projects Presents…’ – a programme which looked at the format of the exhibition through working closely with different partner organisations and institutional models: from cinema to desert situated art-research facility, to museum.

‘Presents…’ looked at how these differing models effect the production, presentation and reception of lens and time based art. The artists working with CIRCA Projects in this programme developed projects which acknowledge the potential of the chosen associate organisation and use their unique position to facilitate and exhibit art to their full capacity.