What if we take curating to be any spatial practice informed by a body of knowledge shaped from social, political, economic, geographic, cultural, and aesthetic qualities.

Open Air is the encompassing name for the cumulative practice of Sam Watson, who works with a collaborative and intermedia approach at the perimeters of a core set of disciplines within artistic production: exhibition making, publishing, public programmes and design.

In addition to encouraging an augmented reading of cultural production and a freeing-up of distinct, professionalised roles within an expanding field, the name «Open Air» looks to the social and cultural significance of migration and displacement,: What does the world beyond the border have to offer? In which ways does travel change the past and alter identities?

One the founding directors of CIRCA Projects in Newcastle, and a co-founder of Drop City, Düsseldorf, his aim has been to establish and explore the possibilities of a new model of artist-run space that supports high-quality artists’ practice, impacts significantly on the cultural life of the city, and contributes to both national and international critical cultural ideas and agendas.


For in-depth information about long-term projects,
founded organisations and curated programmes,
please see:

                  — CIRCA Projects (est. 2009)

                  — The Northern Charter (est. 2012)

                  — Eleanor Wright/Sam Watson (2013—)

                  — Drop City (est. 2014)

A selection of exhibitions, projects, design and other contributions can be found within the  Index